A Few Recent Successes

In addition to managing press releases, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other responsibilities, I’ve overseen several standout projects and marketing campaigns throughout the past year (and change). Here are some highlights:

Hosting and Producing a Podcast

Most recently I created a podcast. Titled Aftermarket Insights, the podcast will position our company as a thought leader while communicating product information to our salesforce and customers.

On our latest episode, I interviewed the President of the Women in Auto Care organization about closing the gap for women in the industry.

You can view the podcast website at aftermarketinsights.com

Generating 8,000+ Leads

I oversaw the deployment of six marketing promotions in 2018, including the Shop Team Selfie Challenge and Back to Basics Sweepstakes. We spread the word about each promotion using 360 campaigns consisting of videos, webpages, digital ads, PR, social, email, print, and more.

All together, our promotions received 8,750+ total entrants, 30,000+ total page visits, and 70,000+ video views across YouTube and Facebook

Launching New Brand, Corporate, and IR Websites

Our team oversees the marketing for corporate as well as several B2B and B2C brands. As a result, it was no small task when we decided to revamp our full suite of websites. Working in tandem with a third-party developer and our internal IT team, we oversaw the design, content population, and launch of our new websites. The first batch included our Corporate, Investor Relations, and our most popular brand website. Our remaining brand websites will go live in a series of launches over the next several weeks.

Producing a 15-Minute Documentary

Video snippet from our 15-minute video

To commemorate our company’s 100th year in business, we produced in-house a 15-minute video highlighting key people, milestones, and achievements. I scripted, storyboarded, and oversaw the production of the comprehensive video. The snippet above shows two sections from the beginning and end of the video, respectively. We’ll be “premiering” the video to each of our 20+ facilities during a slew of 100-year celebrations throughout 2019.

Maximizing Digital to Communicate a Product Launch

I led a 360 marketing campaign to promote our biggest product launch of the year. The campaign included videos, printed materials, internal communications, PR, and a coordinated email, SEM, and paid social campaign that drove traffic to our dedicated web page. Our $150 Google Ads campaign generated 662 clicks and our $170 Facebook Ad campaign generated another 358 link clicks.

View the product page at StandardBlueStreak.com

Making Big Contributions to the National Sales Meeting

My company hosted its 2019 National Sales Meeting for our 200+ salespeople in West Palm Beach, FL. In addition to planning and working on the show, I was one of the few non-Directors to present to the salesforce. I gave five 30-minute presentations on our digital marketing initiatives to groups of 20-30 salespeople throughout one of the days.

Overseeing our Biggest Show of the Year

In the summer, the employee who oversaw trade shows was let go. Senior leadership asked me to take on the responsibility. In addition to overseeing shows for our key retail vendors such as O’Reilly Auto Parts and Advance Auto Parts, I oversaw the production of our biggest trade show of the year, AAPEX.

Read my blog post

Branding our New Corporate Mission

At the start of the year, our HR department asked our marketing team to develop an internal marketing campaign to communicate our new corporate values and performance review tool to employees. I decided on a corporate meme poster series to communicate the messaging in a relatable way.

In addition to the posters, I oversaw the production of several tutorial videos that were translated into Polish and Spanish for our overseas facilities.

Using Humor to Connect on April Fools Day

In the spring of 2017, I created this product video for the TechSmart Taco Holder for April Fool’s Day. The fake product had some very real engagement. For example, our email prompted hundreds of inactive email subscribers to open an email for the first time.

Overseeing 100,000+ Advertorial Inserts

To make a splash for the 2017 AAPEX show, we produced Standard Pro Training Magazine, an 8-page advertorial with training articles and full-page ads for our key product lines. When we received the final printed proofs, it was clear that the piece was our most successful example of content marketing to date.

We maximized exposure to the magazine by inserting it in the AAPEX issue of Motor Age, a industry magazine with a circulation of over 100,000. We also distributed the magazine to our salesforce and promoted it across our websites, social media channels, and email campaigns.

In addition to communicating our company’s product and training expertise, the project showcased our team’s capabilities to work together and deliver high-value content in-house.

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